Welcome to the Friends of Lister Park

Under the present constitution (original dated 13.04.03) FliP has been operating illegally since the last AGM. See paragraph 6 “The executive committee shall consist of not less than five members…”.

It is with regret that the following now applies.

Paragraph 14. Dissolution. “If the executive committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve FliP it shall call a meeting of all members, of which no less than 21 days written notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given.”

As members of FliP, we strongly advise the two remaining executive officers, Sarah Jennings, Treasurer and Qasim Khan, Vice-Chair, to undertake this constitutional directive and dissolve Friends of Lister Park.


Emmerson Walgrove (Chair - resigned 26.06.10)
Susan Waltham (Secretary - resigned 26.06.10)
Titch Kavanagh (Member - resigned 26.06.10)

Luke Waltham (Co-opted committee member - resigned 26.06.10)
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